Alien Vault Alarms Not Recevied

For all MSSPs or users who are working with Alien Vault as a SIEM solution in their enterpise infrastructure it is common to get into problem because of alarms not being triggered in the SIEM solution. Now this could happen for multiple reasons which requires troubleshooting across the whole data piple line and finding the […]

Verifying Malicious IOCs on Virus Total

Virus Total is a website that provides free service to evaluate files adn scan them across different security vendor’s products. We are able to upload files, add urls or IPs into the search bar and this will be searched across all security vendors and results are shown in the form of a report.This post and […]

Alien Vault – Configuration Backup

Backing up the configuration is one of the important thing that analyst should take care of. Since AlienVault configuration include system profile, network configuration, inventory data, plugins, correlation directives, and etc. For that, analyst must have a copy for the configuration file. STEPS Login via WinSCP to the Server. Be at this path: /var/alienvault/backup/ File […]

My CISSP Journey

I passed my CISSP exam on January 16th and officially got certified on 23rd February. I have been asked by many to share the experience and material used, however due to lack of time couldn’t jot down my journey to this most sought after certification. At the start of my career, when I was seeking […]