What is the different between incident response and security operations center?

Incident response and security operations center (SOC) are both related to security, but they serve different purposes and have different roles in an organization.

Incident response refers to the process of identifying, containing, and resolving security incidents. This includes identifying the cause of the incident, containing the damage, and restoring normal operations. Incident response teams are typically composed of IT and security professionals who are responsible for responding to and resolving security incidents as they occur.

On the other hand, a security operations center (SOC) is a centralized team or facility responsible for monitoring and managing an organization’s security posture. The SOC team is responsible for identifying and responding to security threats, analyzing and investigating security incidents, and implementing security controls and policies to prevent future incidents.

In summary, incident response is a specific process that is activated when a security incident occurs, while the SOC is a team or facility that is responsible for the overall security of an organization.

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